North American Stamping Group


North American Stamping Group is committed to the implementation of sustainable development and provides the resources necessary to:

STRIVE to be leaders in environmental, health and safety management by minimizing our impact on and risks to our associates, the public, our communities, our customers and the natural environment, throughout all stages of our business activities;

MEET or surpass applicable environmental, health, hygiene, safety, emergency preparedness and response legislation, and other requirements to which the company subscribe;

ESTABLISH clear and meaningful objectives and targets through active participation with associates, governments and communities of interest for the implementation of site-specific environmental, safety and health management activities;

IMPLEMENT management systems to address risks, pollution prevention, and environment, health, safety and energy efficiency and perform regular audits to ensure continuous improvement;

CONSIDER social issues in the making of our business decisions, including the long-term sustainability of communities;

FACILITATE dialogue with communities of interest in order to anticipate and address relevant issues of sustainability;

MAINTAIN and promote product stewardship, recycling and waste minimization programs to protect associates, the public, suppliers, customers and the environment;

DEVELOP and acquire scientific knowledge and technologies that can assist in continually improving safe and efficient processes and use of our products;

ENSURE all our activities are conducted in a responsible and ethical manner;

PROMOTE associate awareness of this policy, and provide the necessary resources for associates to integrate environmental, health and safety into their activities; and

COMMUNICATE our progress on achieving sustainability openly and on a timely basis with associates, the public, governments, and other communities of interest.

These principles guide the actions of North American Stamping Group and their associates and contractors while maintaining the sustainability of the natural environment upon which we are all dependent.