Basic Equipment Care Event - Ridgeville Corners, Ohio

North American Stamping Group completed a Basic Equipment Care (BEC) Event in August.  The BEC event was held at our Ridgeville Corners facility in Ohio.  Team members included Wes Heuerman, John Zachrich, Justin Flory, Justen Beauprez, James Smith, Keith Buchop, Zach Hendricks, Sheila Fuller, Jason Franks, and  Jessica Harper.  The team focused on two work centers, Welders 146 and 151.  During the event equipment was fully cleaned, defects and opportunities were identified, work orders were completed and a preventive maintenance inspection process was developed.  The overall expectation of the event was to improve safety, cleanliness and reliability of the equipment while reducing unplanned downtime due to failures caused by poorly maintained equipment.  Overall, the team implemented changes and improvements that resulted in cost savings of approximately $29,380 and 10% productivity improvement.    Thank you to this team for all their hard work during this event.