While our customers enjoy our manufacturing footprint, which offers seven locations from Canada to Mexico to choose from, their preference is to have single point contact for purchasing and engineering functions. To facilitate this desire and to improve customer service / support we have centralized all Sales & Engineering into two centers at our NASG Canada and NASG Tennessee II facilities. Our tier one customers then communicate through a sales engineer at one of the two centers. Our Sales Engineers can assist with all Advanced Project Quality Planning activities which include, product design assistance, feasibility studies, requests for quotation, forming simulations to ensure manufacturability, prototype part services, capital justification, validate geometric tolerancing and dimensioning, complete project timelines, packaging requirements, etc. Customer products are then manufactured at a choice of our seven facilities to minimize freight costs while maximizing all lean manufacturing principals.

The group is continuously investing in research and development to explore the most innovative and technology advanced processes / products. We stamp both progressively and with two or three axis servo driven transfer systems. Multiple off automated blank feeding and zig zag feeders allow us to maximize material usage. We offer manual and robotic resistance and mig welding capabilities as required by our customers. We can resistance weld within a stamping die to eliminate secondary operations if volume warrants the initial capital investment. In die tapping and clinch nuts are additional processes offered to eliminate unnecessary off line operations costs.

We have thrived as takeover tooling specialists for the last 35+ years handing over $100 million in assumed work. Our APQP system allows for quick modification and transformation into our production system as most takeover work is from a distressed situation whether it be quality or financial concerns of the incumbent. Our staffing includes Six Sigma Engineers and Lean Manufacturing Engineers to wring out quality and non-valued cost issues.